Peak Vegetable Juice Recipe Unveiled

Carrots Р2 smallʥ Cucumber Р1 mediumʥ Fresh tomatoes Р6 mediumʥ Peak sweetened condensed milk – 1 tin/or 1 sachet

Method of preparation

– Wash all vegetables in salted water
– Peel and slice carrots into round shapes and warm a little
– Slice the cucumber into shapes
– Wash the tomatoes and cut into shapes
– Pour a glass of pre-boiled water into your blender
– Pour all the vegetables into the blender and add your sweetened condensed milk
Blend all until fine and smooth
– Use a clean sieve and sieve the juice out
– Refrigerate immediately\serve chilled in a wine glass with 2 slices of whole wheat bread or as a dessert after food.

– Can be taken alone as a refreshing drink
– Can also be taken with bread as breakfast

Health Benefits:
– Vegetables are high in vitamins and Minerals and so boost immune system
– The coloured vegetables are high in Vitamin A, which is good for clear eye sight
– Peak milk is a complete milk as it contains most nutrients especially vitamins, mineral salt and protein. These help protect the body against diseases and ensure replacement of worn out tissues.

Peak milk can be used in diversified ways to boost the quality of our diet

Watch out next month for more recipes on Peak Milk.
Peak: Its in You!