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Akanbi Disu Lekki Phase 1

Peak Vegetable Juice Recipe Unveiled


Carrots – 2 small • Cucumber – 1 medium • Fresh tomatoes – 6 medium • Peak sweetened condensed milk ‚Äì 1 tin/or 1 sachet Method of preparation – Wash all vegetables in salted water – Peel and slice carrots into round shapes and warm a little – Slice the cucumber into shapes – Wash the tomatoes and…

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Nestlé in Central and West Africa promotes healthy kids on International Chefs Day


Nestlé in Central and West Africa is leading activities across the region to mark International Chefs Day on October 20, 2015. This is part of a global partnership between Nestlé and chef association World Chefs to raise awareness on healthier diets and lifestyles. The event is headed by Nestlé Professional – the company’s business that…

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Nestlé campaign launched in Central and West Africa


Nestlé in Central and West Africa has launched its ‘Choose Wellness, Choose Nestlé’ campaign to raise awareness about the company’s nutrition, health and wellness impact in the region. The new six-week campaign looks to provide Africans with insight about how Nestlé is playing an important part in their daily lives through its brands, products and…

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RSL Receives int”l Recognition Award


RSL International Limited was founded with the purpose to provide customers an end to end service for marketing and distribution of FMCG products. RSL continues to grow in presence within the global FMCG market space and its performance has been recognized with multiple accolades and awards, some of which are Invisible in general trade.

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